Light Up Nights

Thank you Ravenswood for voting for “BEST IN GLOW” Voting is now over. Winners for Single-Family Homes, Multi-Unit Dwelling & Business announced Tuesday December 20th!

Ravenswood’s third annual festival of lights is happening
December 16th, 17th and 18th 2022 from 5pm-10pm.

Boundaries: Within 2 Blocks of Ashland, Montrose, Damen, and Lawrence Avenues in the Chicago, IL neighborhood of Ravenswood.

Ravenswood Neighbors have decorated their homes, trees, yards, windows, and fences with light! Local businesses are offering “Light Up Night” specials and programming. Attendees can come from anywhere, all are welcome to experience the beauty of Ravenswood for the holidays.

This event is a self guided walking tour. Take a look at the map (tap any of the buttons on this page that say “Tap here for the map”), and decide the route that makes sense to you and your family. There are dedicated Warming Stations throughout the neighborhood, grab some hot cocoa or another drink, before you move on your way.

While walking around, be sure to look out for competitors in the “Best In Glow” competition. They will have signs on their property with a QR code to the official ballot. The winning displays will receive prize packages from local businesses valued at over $200 a piece!

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Ravenswood Light Up Nights, 2020
Be on the lookout for competition homes, multi-unit dwellings & businesses!

Opening Ceremony:


Q: Where can I find food and drink specials?
A: The Map will have a different color marker indicating participating businesses. Food and drink specials, or events will be listed under each marker.

Q: I want to register my home, but I have questions- where can I get help?
A: Please send us an e-mail at ravenswoodneighbors@gmail.com, we will be happy to answer any questions

Q: I am a business, but I can only commit to one night. How do I get involved?
A: Please register normally as a stop on the map, under the “tell us more” option on the registration form give us any information you can and we’ll reach out to discuss further. We will keep the map updated daily through the event, you will not show up on the map unless you are participating that evening.

Q: Where is the Map?
A: See below!

Partnering Businesses:

Businesses, we want to work with you!

It is not too late to participate in RLUN 2022. E-mail us at ravenswoodneighbors@gmail.com to discuss further.

2023 Event Schedule

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