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We’ve provided access here to the Ravenswood Development Framework Plan. Community residents like you provided input for this framework plan. Thank you!
Based on community input and analysis of existing conditions, the four goals of the Ravenwood Development Framework Plan are:
  1. Encourage density and affordability to provide housing for all
  2. Preserve historic buildings and encourage new development to mimic existing character
  3. Maintain a diverse mix of independent, locally owned businesses
  4. Create more avenues for community input on local zoning and development decisions

Click here to open the Ravenswood Development Framework Plan.


To learn more about our Ward’s development process and potential developments click here.

About the Planning and Development Committee

In order to make an impact on the development of the Ravenswood neighborhood, the Committee on Planning and Development (CPAD) serves as the Ravenswood Neighbors Association’s dedicated body to the review of planning and development proposals in Ravenswood. This committee is tasked with considering all proposed developments and planning decisions in Ravenswood based on their potential to improve the vitality and quality-of-life of Ravenswood. This committee bases its decisions based on all available facts, professional opinions, and stakeholder input brought before the committee. The committee also strives to proactively guide the development of the neighborhood wherever possible on behalf of the Ravenswood neighborhood.

Contact us here if you would like to get involved with the Planning and Development Committee activities!

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