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Do you love living in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago? Do you want to meet neighbors, stay informed about local news and events, and make it a Ravenswood place to live?
You’ve come to the right place!

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We use Patreon, a simple monthly subscription tool. For the cost of 1 cup of coffee per month, you can support our efforts to make Ravenswood an even better place to live.

About Ravenswood Neighbors Association (RNA)
We areĀ an all-volunteer, resident-driven organization that seeks to promote the well-being, safety, vitality, and identity of our community by fostering and encouraging stronger relationships between residents, local businesses, and other neighborhood organizations; sharing news and information throughout our network; and promoting local initiatives and programs

We proudly represent the neighborhood in Chicago bounded by
Lawrence, Ashland, Montrose, and Damen Avenues.

Some of our initiatives:

  • Native Plant Corner Gardens
    • We beautify our neighborhood the way nature originally intended. These native plants help with drainage, support local wildlife, and are used as an annual educational experience for all ages! Interested in installing a FREE native plant garden? Contact us today!
  • Free Community Socials
    • Join us for a glass of your beverage of choice at a local business! Meet your neighbors and collaborate on projects to make Ravenswood the best place to live in the city.
  • Ravenswood Light Up Nights drew over 1500 attendees in the first year (2020). This simple idea turned exciting tradition is something we hope to execute for years to come.
  • Ravenswood Free-Cycle: The sell-nothing garage sale!