Ravenswood Light Up Nights! 2020

December 18-20 5PM to 8PM Light Up Ravenswood

Friday 12/18, Saturday 12/19, Sunday 12/20


Event Description: It’s been a dark year, but there is so much to celebrate! Join us for Ravenswood Light Up Nights! Neighbors are encouraged to utilize holiday decorations, string lights, disco balls, mirrors, or anything at hand to “illuminate” their yards and surrounding sidewalks for 3 evenings in December. Create a selfie station in a greenway, a message of encouragement in your front yard, or a themed window display to be viewed from afar. No display is too big! Families and individuals are encouraged to take a safely distanced, contact-free evening stroll, take photographs in the selfie stations, and enjoy the creativity of their neighbors. 

How to Decorate: Get creative! Use disco balls, holiday string lights, Halloween decorations, Valentine’s Decorations, Black lights,  lamps, paint, markers, paper to create a well-lit window or yard display of joy that will bring a smile to your neighbors.

Selfie Stations are encouraged! Have space to make a scene? Pull together a “selfie station” for neighbors to come and take some photographs- perhaps it’s an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, A spooky throw back to halloween, a visit to Santa’s Workshop, a stroll down the Nile, or a bike ride along the Seine! Neighbors are encouraged to use their creativity and make something to put a smile on our faces- and a photograph on our social media! 

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