Health & Human Services


In the difficult times we’re in, the need for human connection and mutual assistance is greater than ever.

Ravenswood Neighbors Association is happy to get the word out about neighbors helping neighbors, new charitable initiatives, and related services.


RNA has been approached by anonymous donor, who will match up to $1000 in donations from the neighborhood toward Ravenswood Community Services (RCS), an organization well-known for the food and supplies they provide to neighbors from Ravenswood and surrounding areas.

Donate using the link below–and make sure to write “RNA” in the notes field so that RCS knows that the donation is coming through this source. Thank you!


More about Ravenswood Community Services:

“Ravenswood Community Services (RCS) provides the basics of food and supplies to our neighbors, respecting the dignity of all and creating community throughout Ravenswood and the surrounding neighborhoods. We strive to offer services and connections to resources that can help people realize health, stability, and self-sufficiency.”



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