Front Yard Free-Cycle with Ravenswood Free Box!



October 2-3 2021

The Ravenswood Free Box and the Ravenswood Neighbors Association invite you to participate in our Autumn Free-Cycling event.

Neighbors are encouraged to place any clean & usable items they no longer have a use for in front of their residences for a two-day exchange of free items. In the spirit of the Ravenswood Free Box- participants and attendees must live within the established boundaries: within 2 blocks of Damen, Clark, Foster & Montrose.

This event is a time to meet your neighbors and find new treasures- without the exchange of any funds. This event is about reduce, reuse, and recycle and is replacing the 2021 Ravenswood Neighbors Garage Sale, no money should be exchanged and social distancing should be strictly adhered to.

Participant/Attendee Responsibilities:
-Participants should register for the event through this Google Form: 

By registering your home, you are agreeing to the following:

By registering your home, you are agreeing to be added to the walking map for both days- October 2nd and 3rd.
-Clean and Sanitize all items before putting them out and after taking them home.
-Clearly Display the provided FREE-CYCLE sign by your items.
– Only pick up items that indicate they are a part of the FREE-CYCLE event. (A good general rule- if you’re not sure, don’t take it.)
-At the end of the event remove all items remaining in the front of your residence.
-Leftover items can be Free Boxed on the Facebook group, or donated.
***Medication & Alcohol not allowed.***

Come back to visit our site for a map of all the Freecycle locations:

Just one last request: Please consider becoming a supporting member of the Ravenswood Neighbors Association! For the cost of a coffee a month you can help us pay to put on events like this.

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